What should i do when backache attack me?

I had a lot of experience about back pain or backache in several time. I’m always had this pain while over doing some heavy activity or too long seat on chair. Surely all adults had a practical ,experience mild to serve pain in the back at one time or another. The structure and functions of the backbone or spine make the back prone to pain or injury. The spine which supports the body is made up of 33 separate bone (vertebrae) separated by cartilage called discs. It is surrounded by ligaments, muscles and nerves.

The common causes of back pain are muscles injury due to weak back muscles in the abdomen, poor posture, long periods of sittting, standing or stooping and lack of exercise. Although backache is often not serious and can be prevented easily, it can sometimes be due to diseases or injury of the spine, pelvic and abdominal diseases such as kidney stones or infections. The diseases of the bones or joints such as arthritis, tumours, obesity (which put stress on the spine), wearing high heels or menstrual or premenstrual pain, will result to back as well.

Some advice to prevent back pain and protect back

• Shift your position every thrity minutes or so when you sit, stand or stoop for long periods.
• Practise good posture to keep our back straight while sitting or standing.
• You must have a proper sleeping position and use a firm matters with good back support.
• When lifting heavy objects you must not bend to lift it, but lift the heavy object from a crouching position. Then, raise the weight by straightening the knees while keeping the back straight and the load close to the body.
• Ladies should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes.