Mafia War Strategy – 6 Amazingly Simple Tips To Success In Mafia War

Mafia Wars is considered one of the most popular online games these days. If you are serious about winning games, then there are some simple, yet highly effective tips that can help you dominate the game. These tips will help you devise an unbeatable Mafia War strategy. Listed below are 6 amazing tips that will help you come out on top with ease.

Tip#1: As part of your Mafia War strategy, the first thing that you need to do is to bank your money. Remember this game is all about mobs and you could very easily end up losing money during fights. Your money is therefore much safer in a bank.

Tip#2: No Mafia War strategy could be complete without increasing the strength of your family. Try and recruit people who play this game almost every day. This will ensure that you are building a strong family.

Tip#3: You are responsible for helping other members of your family and also for keeping your family strong.

Tip#4: Buying property is one of the crucial part of any successful Mafia War strategy. You will first of all need to work hard in order to earn and save more. You can use this money to buy properties that will help you dominate games.

Tip#4: It is always recommended that you do some research on the game over various different online sources. This will help you get to know about various strategies , cheat codes and hacks. Online forums offer a good platform to interact with other fans of this popular game. You can pick up valuable tips from such online forums.

Tip#5: Always make it a point to get the best weapons. This will help you in defense and gain more attack points too.

Tip#6: You should save energy packs, for they will come handy during times of emergencies.