How to Get Humvees in Mafia Wars – The Definitive Item Guide For Mafia Wars – You Will Learn How To Get More Humvee’s in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the most interesting crime games ever created. Players have the chance to make investments on properties and start some businesses. This allows them to make more money in the game. Most importantly, players can start their own mafia organization and grow it to a large one.

Well the ultimate goal is to join the Top Mafia list and by achieving that, they will be recognized and feared by many people. I myself have made it to the ranking on multiple occasions and it feels great!

In this article, we will not be talking about the core values of mafia leadership, instead we want to talk about items because certain items are extremely important for those who are serious about mastering both jobs and stages. By reading this short article, you will learn how to get more humvee’s in Mafia Wars.

There are a lot of weapons, armors, vehicles and other items that you can collect to help increase your attack and defense ratings. Humvee is one of the vehicles that you must have in your collection so that you can play this game smoothly. A humvee has 26 attack ratings and 22 defense ratings which are very good for a vehicle.

By getting more humvees for your gang, your mafia ratings will get a strong boost! Also you will need it when you want to do the ‘Rip off the Armenian Mob’ job in the Underboss Job Tier when you reach levels between 60 till 99 along with 2 armored trucks, 6 automatic rifles and 2 grenade launchers. The job will cost you 46 energy points.

To get the humvee for your usage, you would need to do the “Break Into the Armory” job in the Underboss stage. Doing that job also requires you to have 12 body armors, 6 armored trucks, 5 automatic rifles and 2 grenade launchers. The humvees come in as a random loot so you will probably have to do the job multiple times before you can get the great vehicle.