Adding more fun and variety to a classroom period

In a classroom period, a little variety and fun can add to a students learning experience. The concept is that a period of 40 minutes be viewed as containing different segments, not just the teacher teaching and students listening (as in traditional classroom). This allows teacher to use different approach to help students participate in the lesson, thus gaining better understanding of the lesson. For example, a teacher can use the following idea when teaching the mathematics lesson of ‘polygons’.

The first idea is to manage the block of time by divide it into smaller sections. The period in each block depends on what kind of activities that will be held. Therefore, teachers can use the time appropriately for study and for fun activities.

Then, the second idea is to ‘begin class with some reading’. One good approach in teaching mathematics is to motivate students throughout their studies to inspect mathematical shapes with respect to their roots or common usage (outside their mathematical context). To introduce the concept of ‘polygons’, a good book of shapes, which consists of basics shapes such that triangle, square, pyramid and rectangular. At the end of reading, students can differentiate the shapes of polygons. So the purpose of reading is to learn the basics of mathematical shapes. It is only take the first five minutes of the class period for these reading activities.

The third idea is to use a ‘repertoire of demonstration’. A demonstration is a powerful tool to help students see how a lesson has practical implications. For example, when teaching ‘polygons, teacher can demonstrate the students about the shapes of polygon by using the nearby material such that, cupboard, blackboard, eraser and desk. On the other hand, teacher can also join the students to explore the school surrounding in order to find more variety shapes of polygon.

The teacher should ready with inventory that suitable for teaching polygon such that model of pyramid. Thus, to attract the student attention, he teacher should be more creative by make a special appearance. For example, teachers can wear birthday party hat which is in shape of cone. While wearing the hat, the teacher can make a presentation contains important facts or concept of polygon. It is about five to ten minutes to ensure the students remember well about the topic.
The teachers can also use the idea of ‘play a game’. An appropriate game can bring benefits to students who play it, in terms of both enjoyment and interest they arouse and of the actual learning that results from the games. The following game can be used to fill ten minutes at the end of a lesson on ‘polygons’.

Equipments: Lego and diagram of ancient building

Method of play:

Try to build the ancient building such that pyramid and Stonehenge by combining the pieces of Lego. Student will provided with the diagram in order to help them.

Lastly, teachers can give their students some regular expression or quotation. More on to motivate the students and to set their minded that polygon is not a difficult subject. If all these seven steps follow, there is no more bored class. All it has the fun and active class.