10 000 Steps A Day

More people choose walk for exercise than do any other activity. And that’s great because as activities go, walking is safe, effective, easy and fun. Beside that walking has meditative quality that calms the mind and fights depression and anxiety. It’s same like me even i’m athlete but i rather choose walking than jogging. Walking can builds muscular stregth and endurance in your legs, arms and the muscles of the back and abdomen that keep your trunk erect. It also improves coordination and balance.

Get Started

The first thing to get started walking is choose a suitable shoes. You need shoes that provide support in all the right places. Good walking shoes help support and protect your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Buy shoes that are truly meant for walking. Avoid aerobic or court shoes because they do not provide the type of support needed for walking. If you are a combination walker and jogger, you may choose to get running shoes instead. But if you are exclusively a walker again get a pair of walking shoes. If you are just beginning a walking program, go out and walk for a short period of time maybe 10 minutes. Check in with your body the next day, and if all systems are go, then repeat the 10 minutes walking period. Gradually increase the time of your walk, perhaps in 5 minutes increments over period days or weeks if necessary.

Effective Walking Programs

• Fartlek Walk

The easiest way to do an interval workout, most fun ang effective. You could walk at easy pace for 5 minutes as your interval guides. So for examples, let’s say you are walking around your neigborhood. You could walk at an easy pace for 5 minutes as your warm up. Then look ahead for a landmark, such as a telephone pole, tree, mailbox or corner. Now run or walk fast to that spot. Go back to walking at a moderate pace once you get to your landmark togive yourself time to recover and bring your heart rate down to normal. Then pick another landmark and jog or walk fast to it. Repeat this three or four times during your 30 minutes workout.

• Endurance Walk

Endurance means duration or the length or the length of a workout, but an extra long workout is effective only if the intensity level of the workout is already high enough.

• Treadmill Walk

A treadmill walk has a lot to offer someone who wants to improve her fitness level. Many people having a problem when there is nothing quite as peaceful and yet energizing as walk outside. So this problem cannot stop you from get healty by exercise in your house or gym. You can consciously and consistently control your workout speed. You can also control the intensity by increasing the ramp, angle, incline at which you are walking.

• Uphill Hiking

Walking for a long time can boring some people so that i suggest you to try uphill hiking. This is another type endurance option to do something fun and loose such as going on an uphill hike. Here is some important information about staying safe and making your walk more effective. Firstly you be sure to wearing the right shoes or boots. They should have heavy treads so that you don’t slip on rocks or dirt. Secondly, after you walk for the first few minutes take some time to strech. It will loosen you up and keep your risk of injury down during your hike. Some way bring snacks (peanut butter, sandwiches, string cheese and fruit) , water, trail map, call phones and tissues. Make sure you eat a good breakfast before you leave.